Saturday, January 22, 2011

W.I.P. #1 - German Anti-Walker Rifle Team, US M3 Sniperscope & the Flesh Field

Above is my SS panzergrenadier anti-walker rifle team. The minis are from Victory Force minis with the addition of some 1/35 packs and pouches.  The rifle is from a 1/48 set of WWII weapons from Bandai and the IR scope is from Victory Force as well.  These guys will be great against those pesky Allied walkers and light vehicles, night or day.  Why destroy the vehicle when you can just kill that soft bit inside?

Here is my take on the rare but real, M3 Sniperscope.  The mini is a Victory Force para w/M1 Carbine.  The mini is perfect for this early configuration of the M3 because the IR scope fits perfectly on the rifle and the minis backpack is perfect for the spotlights battery.  Ive converted 4 of these minis so now my "All American's" have some IR support during those night jumps.  Easy conversion for a very useful and cool piece of WWII kit.

And last my true horror, the Flesh Field.  A Flesh Field is a huge mass of undead who have had their spines cut and then they have been affix to the ground as to prevent them from crawling away but free to reach, grab and feast if need be.  These fields have also been fitted with anti-tank mines so if an enemy commander has the great idea of using a vehicle to make a path, they will trigger a mine and possibly disabling the vehicle and with a sea of withering dead with only feeding on the living on their minds, most vehicle crews won't take the chance.  I'm shooting for a 12"x12" field and then a couple smaller ones for use on small streets or alleys.  The fields comprise mostly of corpse bits from the Warhammer Corpse Cart model that I get on line from the bits peddlers on the eBay.  The chains are just cheap jewelry chains and the mines are from an old Bandai kit.  The field is also littered with minis that I didn't need so I converted them up a bit to be part of the fun in the field.  Can't wait to paint this monstrosity and put in on the table!  I'm hoping for at least one old timer wargamer shrew to puke when he sees it.  Splatter-punks rejoice, because the Flesh Field is almost complete.

Just some of the madness on my table,

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