Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Stuff: The Yautya

The Yautya are an alien race that uses Earth as their own private game reserve where they visit to hunt none other then man.  These creatures are drawn to conflicts where they engage in hunting only those who make for good sport making the various battlefields around the globe rife with warriors that would draw a great hunt.  The Yautya make another great third party threat in your WWWII games.  This master hunter uses its advanced technology and superhuman skills to off set a one sided battle or even help spice up a otherwise normal WWII game.  These guys also make a good counter to another WWWII heavy like a super or even tough vehicles or unit.  With their devastating weapons and their ability to be practically invisible, these aliens make for a great addition to any WWWII game.  The mini above is a Horrorclix pre-painted Yautya that is in the process of cloaking or uncloaking.  This is a pretty big mini and works perfect for heroic 28mm minis.  You can get this and several other types off eBay on the cheap.


Be sure to check out my rules for these bad boys in your games of BGWWWII.

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  1. I like that and you're right they've been around for centuries.