Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Stuff: Zombies

No WWWII game is complete without hordes of the walking dead roaming the wastes of No Mans Land.  I can boast that I own over 100 men, women and children zeds of all shapes sizes and motifs for use in my wargaming.  The industry is full of great zombie minis with everything from pre-painted zeds from numerous CMGs to plastic box sets and the classic metal ones.  Click anywhere on the net and you will stumble across a zombie mini so there is no reason not to have a shit-ton for your gaming.  The above pic of zeds are from the OOP Heroscape game.  Below is a very, very short list of some companies that do zeds but be sure to do a bit of Google-Fu and you will find lots more.
What The?! Miniatures (US Airborne & SS Panzergrenadier Zeds)
Zombie Smith (Various Zeds)
Horrorclix (Pre-Painted Zeds)
Heroscape (Pre-Painted Zeds)

So go get a gaggle or three to add to your horde today,

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