Friday, January 20, 2012

My Stuff: Valkyrie Bodyguard

The Valkyrie are the Nazis elite corps whose sole purpose is to protect the Nazi elite from all threats.  These women are said to be the actual Valkyrie of Norse mythology.  They tower over their human wards and are as strong and fast as any human at their peak.  When the brass move, be prepared to fight these ladies because they will be on the look out for any threat.  These excellent 1/48 scale metal minis are from Scarab Miniatures’ Project X line.  These 1/48 beauties tower over my rank and file Ratzis so making them supernatural bad asses makes good sense.   I believe these were sculpted by Nick Eyre and the two ladies above were painted by Orc Trader under commission.  So if you are looking for some big Nazi bad girls swing by and give them a try.

Leather-bound Nazi chicks make the best baddies,

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