Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Stuff: Succubus

On the battlefields of WWWII almost anything can and will rear its ugly head but in this case the most vile evil comes in the form of something more pleasing to the eyes.  The Succubi are the actual female offspring of Adam's first wife Lilith and the legion of demonic suitors she has taken over the millennium.  These vile and sadistic creatures revel in humanities pain, horror and agony and feed off its very life force.  So if you find yourself on guard duty and the most beautiful woman you have ever seen approaches, run or kiss your ass goodbye from this wolf is sheep's clothing.  Succubi make for a great third party threat in your games of WWWII.  These creatures have the ability to use their sexual wiles to enslave people to her bidding so you could have comrade fighting comrade or whole communities turning on their would be saviors. The above figure is from Reaper Miniatures and is sculpted by Bob Ridolfi and painted by my pal and master painter Micheal, aka Michi.  So' if you are looking to throw off a one sided game or just make your opponents sweat, bring out these ladies and let loose the lethal strip show.

What a lovely way to go,

Here are the rules for the Succubus for use in your games of BGWWWII.

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